Our work


Agrani India Foundation has strengthened the educational infrastructure of three underprivileged schools by constructing physical facilities and providing training to their teachers. Additionally, the foundation established the "GINA'S HAPPY CHILDREN'S EDUCATION FUND, UTTARAKHAND" program, which has awarded scholarships to 20 students from underprivileged families. In an effort to enhance educational opportunities, Agrani is working to set up Learning Centres in government schools of Dehradun.


The Arogya Project Champawat, an initiative of the Agrani India Foundation, aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery in rural Champawat, Uttarakhand. This unique program focuses on improving maternal and child healthcare through a groundbreaking three-way partnership between the district government, Agrani India Foundation, and the corporate sector.


Agrani India Foundation fosters economic independence in rural communities through its impactful programs. The Udhyam initiative, launched to support entrepreneurship development, has empowered 250 individuals by 2022. Additionally, the foundation's skill-building and employment program has successfully trained and placed 200 youths in a rural BPO.

Past work

Cash Relief

34 ultra-poor households in rural Udaipur have received life-changing support: an unconditional grant of Rs. 96,000 each, equivalent to two years of their income.

Community Infection Prevention

In collaboration with FLWs, VHSNC members, ANC and PNC mothers, we conducted community awareness and training sessions throughout the Pati block. These sessions, along with the distribution and use of safety kits at the community level, engaged a wide range of community members.

Covid Response

Agrani identified migrant labours who were under distress during the first wave of COVID and gave them money through bank transfers for emergency needs. Agrani also helped single mothers, widows, senior citizen during the first covid wave. Approximately Rs. 35 lacs distributed towards the COVID cash relief and 2500 plus persons got support at this testing time.


Under the aegis of Godrej Consumers, an incubation project was launched in Palghar District, Maharashtra.

Deliverables: Incubate a total of 90 Gramterprises & supporting them with on-field incubation support directly reaching out to 630 people from marginalized communities.