Agrani is currently working on India’s second pilot on unconditional cash transfers. The project is called Cash Relief.Cash Relief gives money directly to very poor people and families with no strings attached to help them come out of poverty.

We believe that people are unique and so are their needs. Cash allows poor to use it in ways they think is best. Some will invest in health and education. Others will take risks and start small businesses. Making unconditional cash transfers to ultra poor will help them come out of poverty.

Our pilot aims to test if  giving ultra poor some money with no strings attached can help them come out of extreme poverty. We want to test if this will change the trajectory of their lives for better.

India’s latest rural poverty line is at Rs. 972 per month. So for a household of an average 4 people this comes to Rs 3888 per month . We plan to give a household Rs 96000. To find out more about cash relief please visit